July 19, 2017

Federal Way City Councilmember Martin Moore voiced his opposition to a Comprehensive Plan Amendment study proposal that threatens local neighborhoods and resources, issuing the following statement after the July 18 vote:

“I strongly support development and the good jobs, economic infrastructure, and expanded opportunities that come with it. But supporting development does not mean we can’t do it smartly, and the Comprehensive Plan Amendment study proposal presented Tuesday night comes does not demonstrate the necessary thoughtfulness.

“I act on behalf of my constituents, and I reflect my constituents’ concerns with the high number of multi-family housing we’re seeing. Bringing in so many new residents in short bursts is already impacting our schools and our roads, and doing so again cannot be done without truly considering the additional strain another influx will create.

“Additionally, it’s important we protect Federal Way’s critical lands and maintain our environmental features. All proposed projects near critical lands should come with a clear picture of the consequences – the Lakota Creek area just had a major mudslide four months ago, and we don’t know that similar instances wouldn’t follow nearby development. This project demands rigorous environmental and feasibility studies and a thorough addressing of resident and environmental concerns.

“I could not, in good conscience, vote to approve the proposal on Tuesday. It’s putting the cart before the horse to fast-track development into important areas without responsible and responsive consideration, and our future generations will be the ones who pay for our haste.”


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