2018 & Beyond

Federal Way City Councilmember Martin Moore has announced his “2018 and Beyond: Blueprint for a Second Term,” laying out his policy priorities and goals after re-election so Federal Way voters, other city leaders, and all residents know exactly where he stands and what he intends to work on.

“I’m pleased to present my blueprint for the next four years,” Moore said. “These are the issues I plan on working on during my second term, and these are the solutions I plan on pursuing as your Federal Way City Councilmember.”

The blueprint is an important and transparent way of holding himself accountable to voters and to the community, and Moore said he would add to it as needed.

“This is a living document, ready to be updated with other issues and new challenges as they arise,” the Councilmember added. “I will continue listening to and working with you so we can find solutions together.

“I am YOUR City Councilmember, and I will never forget that I represent YOU.”


Martin Moore – 2018 and Beyond

Federal Way City Councilmember Martin Moore | 2018 & Beyond - Blueprint for a Second Term

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