As your neighbor and your Councilmember, Martin will never stop partnering with you to keep Federal Way a city we’re proud to call home. He is dedicated to using his next term to find solutions to our shared challenges, and he will particularly work to:

Strengthen Federal Way’s public safety

It is no secret that Federal Way has struggled with crime recently. The Federal Way Police Department is staffed by tireless and talented professionals, but arrests can only solve crimes after they’re committed. Martin knows this, and that’s why he’s pushing the city to also attack the root causes of crime. Whether it’s addiction, mental illness, or hopelessness that’s leading to these antisocial acts, Martin believes we can’t just keep reacting and putting Band-Aids on the issue – he wants to be proactive, to start fixing the underlying conditions so we don’t need Band-Aids at all.

Martin has real experience on public safety issues, and is proud to have helped hire more public safety officers, build a new police substation near our Downtown, and oversee an across-the-board decrease in police response times during his first term. But even with these wins there is more to be done, and Martin is ready to make it happen.

Accelerate our economic development

Martin is excited for the economic growth and quality-of-life improvements that come with a vibrant Downtown core, and he is committed to finishing the wonderful Town Center project he helped start. He’s also dedicated to a diverse business climate, and he will work with local school districts to promote Federal Way as a destination for high-tech STEM jobs while also exploring a formal apprenticeship training program for our city – any citizen who wants to work here, Martin believes, should be able to. Additionally, he will work to provide more resources for Federal Way’s Economic Development Department so small businesses can get the support they need to thrive. Finally, Martin will remain unequivocally opposed to efforts at establishing a B&O tax in Federal Way, and he will continue demanding relief from the effects that projects like ST3 are having on our wallets.

Celebrate and leverage our diversity

Federal Way is a true melting pot, with tremendous diversity in its ages, faiths, perspectives, ethnicities, countries of origin, incomes, education-levels, and native languages. That diversity is a deep well of talent and perspective we can draw from, and Martin wants to focus on improving Federal Way’s service outreach to underserved communities. He’ll also continue working to open up our budget process by pushing to adopt of transparent, interactive online budgeting technology so citizens are empowered, informed, and able to weigh in on how their tax dollars are being spent.

Martin already turned an appreciation for our diversity into action, working on projects that make sure everyone can enjoy calling Federal Way home. He was a passionate advocate for local employers to hire people with disabilities, and he spearheaded the building of an inclusive park so children with disabilities could join in playing with their friends. He also founded multiple events, like Teen Late Night at the Community Center, to give our youth safe alternatives to evenings in the streets, and he pushed Federal Way to issue a proclamation honoring our city’s seniors. Martin was also proud to issue the city’s first-ever Rep. Roger Freeman Memorial Award, named after Martin’s late mentor, friend, and boss, to recognize students who personified Freeman’s passions for justice, diversity, compassion, and integrity.


Learn more about Councilmember Moore’s policy priorities and goals for Federal Way in “2018 and Beyond: Blueprint for a Second Term.”

Martin Moore – 2018 & Beyond